Monday, August 22, 2011

New (Old) Finds!

I am a huge fan of cake stands.  I love that you can use them to give height to a table, accentuate a simple or dramatically elegant cake and more than anything...I love the "hunt" to find them! :)  Last week I was on vacation with my family and we went to several antique stores.  The biggest and most exciting was called the Brass Armadillo.  It was not only massive, but extremely well organized and an antique/flea market junkies dream come true!!  As always, I was on the hunt for cake stands and a few other various items, and found two that I not only fell in love with, but were at a price I couldn't beat!

I love the detailed edge and the color of the green, and while the yellow is not typically something I would pick out, I love how low the pedestal is and love how the light plays through it and creates such a neat pattern on the table.  I think it would be perfect for an upside-down caramel apple pie in the fall, don't you? :)

Of course, my favorite cake stand find of all time is my jadeite stand.  It's the "jackpot" of all finds in my book and I almost cried when I found it.  On top of that, the sweet friend I was with purchased it for me as a gift and made it just that much more special.
My final and absolute favorite new "old" find wasn't really so much a find as an inheritance, but after years waiting for me in my grandparents' basement, it is finally in my dining room and I couldn't be happier.  My grandparents bought this piece and the dining room table/chairs that I have while on their honeymoon almost 60 years ago.  I love that it not only has such a great story which makes it priceless to me, but that I love the style so much, I would purchase it in a store in a heartbeat!  Free is certainly welcomed though :).  With a little TLC I hope that it lasts another 60 years!