Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vineyard Birthday Party

In celebration of my sweet friend Courtney's birthday, I called up a few of the girls and planned a night out at one of our favorite places, Arrington Vineyards.  I arrived early (or so I thought) only to find the place already crawling with people and only just a few picnic tables left to choose from, but with a spread of land that beautiful, any spot is a good spot!

When you arrive at Arrington you have to park at the bottom of a large, steep hill, so hauling anything beyond a pair of wine glasses is quite the feat!  So although I packed up quite a few serving pieces and accessories into a large tote, I tried to keep the overall menu very simple.  We had croissants with brie, turkey, honey mustard and the option of apple or pear slices (I tried half-n-half and loved them both!), pretzels and hummus, fresh fruit, spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts, strawberries and a blush vinaigrette (which, sadly, is not pictured since I forgot a decorative serving bowl! Sorry, Ashley!), water, lemonade, and of course, wine :).  I made a small pink champagne cake with buttercream icing and cupcakes to match, but the rest of the items were brought/made by my amazing friends.