Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Sticky Rolls

For those of you that are fans on facebook, I'm a little embarrassed to finally be posting this after such a long delay! (hanging head in shame.)  I apologize for disappearing for so long as well.  Unfortunately Frilly Milly is just an "on the side" gig and quite often my full-time job takes up, well, my "full time" :).  We've been in the midst of a major project and although I've enjoyed it, I have to admit that it's been consuming any "creative juice" I might have.  The good news is that my absolute FAVORITE season has (finally!) arrived after a blistering hot summer, and with Autumn comes not only my favorite colors and smells, but some of my favorite foods too!

In honor of the beginning of fall (and my new bread maker :)) it was absolutely necessary to bake something that contained pumpkin.  Mmm, mmm, mmm!!  There are SO many options of things to create with pumpkin, but for whatever reason I've had a slight obsession with cinnamon rolls as of late.  I'm going to go ahead and tell you that this may be the first of many varieties to come (that is, if any of the others turn out :)).  I'm particuarly a fan of the "sticky roll" version of a cinnamon roll because I love the caramel-like goey-ness to it.  I would even go as far to say that I would not be opposed to putting cream cheese icing on TOP of a sticky roll and making the best of both worlds!  I may very well collapse in a sugar coma upon the first bite, but it would be totally worth it.


Anyway, back to pumpkin. Pumpkin goes great with a lot of things, but cinnamon, caramel and pecans definitely have a love affair with it.  So...I went to work and created a pumpkin dough that is not necessarily a "sweet" dough to make up for the fact that it will be covered in brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and pecans.


Let me just tell you, it worked.  It worked so well in fact, that I've made them twice already!  Hey, I had leftover pumpkin from the first batch, what was I supposed to do?? :)  I typed up the recipe but haven't laid it out in a printable form yet, so check back in the next day or so and I should have that up (although as you can already see, I'm a "wordy" person, so I need to go back and simplify it so it doesn't look quite so overwhelming - it's really not!).  Also, as I mentioned before, I let my bread machine do the bulk of the word, so my recipe is geared toward that, but I will write up a little "if you don't have a bread's how to change the recipe to work" blurb to help you out!


  1. HI Trish...I just found your blog...and what an inspiration!

    I just recently threw my daughter Lucy a birthday party, and it sparked something in me, that I knew was there, but with 3 teenage boys hadn't really utilized :) So...I am waning to start my own little party planning and styling biz, and I have loved reading your bio and viewing all your FABULOUS parties!

    Wishing you much success!


  3. I made this last year -- and definitely will again this year. It was a hit!

  4. Hey Erin!
    Totally different recipe! These are cinnamon rolls...not the coffee cake I created last year!