Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pilgrim Hats

While visiting my family in Arizona over Thanksgiving, my cutie-patootie nieces and nephew had only one bake with Aunt Trishie. Now, I'll be honest, I was a bit "baked out" from my own Thanksgiving the previous week and then the "real" Thanksgiving while I was visiting...but seriously, how could you say no to those sweet faces?! I was more than happy to do a fun little baking project with them. We created "Pilgrim Hats" of sorts. I'm sure if you used a chocolate cookie it would be a little more realistic, but I'm a sucker for a peanut butter cookie (and it also washes out of clothes a little easier ;)). We all tied on our aprons and went to work...dumping, mixing, rolling, smashing...meanwhile trying desperately not to lick the cookie-dough-goodness off our fingers. Seeing them enjoy their "hard work" after those cookies came out of the oven...priceless.


  1. Oh wow these look great - you should post the recipe!! How cute are your niece and nephew!!
    Rachie xo

  2. Mmmm these looks so yummy! THe kids are getting so big!