Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I love party themes that give room for simple creativity.  They don't require extensive searching for the "perfect piece" because the party consists of basic items (balloons, candy, straws, etc.) in punches of color.  My roommate came up with the theme "Up, Up & Away" and as soon as she said it...I started seeing bunches of red balloons.  Now realistically, this party could work in any color (and if you have a color in mind - let me know and I'd be happy to change the invitations to suit it), but I love the idea of a red party with pops of light blue.  As always - you can find all of the pieces below in my etsy store!
^ (L) invitation (R) insert front & back

^ editable envelope wraps

^ party circles - perfect for cupcake toppers, bottle toppers and many other fun uses!

Need some inspiration for the theme?  Check out these links!

^ check out this amazing Classic Red Ball birthday party from Pen n' Paper Flowers. Love the licorice, the red cake pops...and in other photos she completely covered the ceiling in red balloons! Great inspiration for Up, Up &Away!

 ^ Suitcases would be such a clever idea for an Up, Up & Away theme in this party from Polka Dot Birthday!  I also love the idea of incorporating cherries since they resemble red balloons - but maybe on top of a "sky high" ice cream sundae?

^ I just LOVE giant red balloons and they would definitely be a must if I were hosting an Up, Up & Away party! Such a great shot from Bliss Bloom.